Travel Must Haves

After my first few international experiences with travel, I quickly learned about what my travel must haves are.

1. Osprey Porter: This has been my favorite piece of luggage by far. I bought the Osprey Porter 46L before my first international trip and I am really glad I did. While the 46L might not look spacious enough (which was my initial thought as well), it was more than enough for me and it holds/expands more than you think. You can find more information about this pack here: ( I also own the Osprey Aura 65L which is the pack my friend used in Italy. Pictured below you will see my Osprey Porter.


2. Osprey Day Pack: To add to my Osprey collection, I have the Osprey Daylight. this is a light, 13L pack good for going out. This is usually what I had with me going out and about to hold my personal belongings. I also take this with me whenever I go to the beach. You can find it here ( Pictured above you can also see my Osprey Daylight.

3. RFID Blocking wallet/purse: I am definitely the “rather be safe than sorry” type of person. When I had my first trip to Europe planned, all I kept hearing about was pick pocketing and people scanning your cards/ID. I invested in an RFID blocking wallet and purse. The purse was also equipped with locking mechanisms that can’t be easily pick pocked. The wallet and purse I have are from PacSafe and they specialize in all kinds of protective, anti-theft bags. My wallet is also big enough to carry my passport.

4. Beach Lock Box: Again, I am the “rather be safe than sorry” kind of person. I am always paranoid about my personal stuff getting stolen at the beach if I am not right there with my belongings. I bought this beach lock box to keep my valuables safe when I am at the beach ( This box comes with keys as well as a personalized key lock code.

5. Plug Adapters. Going anywhere in Europe?? You will need plug adapters to charge your devices. You can find a variety of different options on Amazon which is where I purchased mine. I went ahead and purchased adapters that also had USB plug ins so I could charge multiple devices at once.

6. Ziploc Bags: You can never have enough baggies along with you. I have used them in times where my toiletries explode to having something to collect sand/seashells in. FYI, cruise ships do not allow you to bring sand/seashells back onto the ship. However, I got around this by placing my sand/seashell ziploc back into my lock box (mentioned above), and the x-ray machine did not detect it!

7. Ear plugs/headphones: I am a light sleeper and get cranky quickly when I get awoken from snoring etc. So ear plugs are a must for me whenever I travel with other people or are staying in a hostel.Β  They have saved me from many potential sleepless nights! I use Macks Silcone Earplugs and you can find these at any grocery or convenience store. I find they are cheapest at Walmart.

8. Chacos: The best sandals ever. They get me around in different types of environments, are very sturdy, are good in water, and you get an awesome Chaco tan line. What else needs to be said??


9. Water bottle: This one might seem like a given but for my first time to Europe I told myself I would buy water at the airport and just reuse the bottle. This is good in theory but for some reason or another (mostly due to airport security) I had to get rid of the plastic bottle resulting in me having to but another one. And airport water is not cheap! Also, I learned that, at least in Italy, you have to buy a bottle of water at restaurants. It is not included. So bring your own water bottle!

10. All sorts of pills: It is nice to have a variety of pills with you for anything that could happen. While you may be the person that may never get motion sickness or never get headaches just have a security blanket in case. You don’t want anything to happen, whether it is the first time or not, while you are on vacation. Also, travelling to foreign countries and eating local cuisine can upset your digestive system. Therefore, I always have a pill case with Tums, Ibuprofen, Tylenol, Immodium, Allergy Relief, Sinus/Cold Relief, Zquil, etc.