About Me

Kyle and I in Alaska!

Hi! I’m Caylin, a Colorado native who is looking to add more adventures into her life

Just a tad about me…I am 27 years old and I am just now getting to see different places around the world. It wasn’t until 2016 that I first traveled outside of the country! So after that first experience, I was ready to explore new places and felt as though I had/have a lot of catching up to do when it came to traveling. Before I moved to Ohio in 2013 for graduate school, I was stuck in my own Colorado comfort zone exploring the natural beauty of my home state. For someone like me, who had always been in Colorado and who is a very family oriented person, moving to Ohio was quite outside my comfort zone. So when I did take my first trip out of the country, it was definitely out of comfort zone! But I am so glad I did it.

One of Colorado’s beauties. Odessa in Rocky Mountain National Park

Since we all know that traveling isn’t usually free, I make a living as a pediatric Occupational Therapist. I currently work with the special needs population in a school district as well as in the home health setting.  I love my job working with the kids and I can’t picture myself doing anything different.

My siblings Jeff and Bailey

I have an older brother, Jeff, who lives in Kansas city with his wife, Christi. I also was blessed with the very best womb-mate/twin, Bailey, who unfortunately lives in California with her fiance, Austin. But I am very eager for her return home to Colorado. As for myself, I am engaged to the very best man, Kyle, who has been one of the main sources of my recent travels. As you will begin to see in this blog, I have done a lot of local travel in the Colorado Rockies with Kyle which is why it was important for us to incorporate the mountains into our wedding. We also have the very best fur babies! Argos our big, lovable dog and Oskar, my ornery kitty.  They are they very best of friends!

My puppers, Argos, on a camping trip

Growing up, I did not do a whole lot of traveling. When I was young, my family took vacations to Disney World and Chicago. Otherwise, our family travel has only consisted of road trips in which the purpose of the road trip was to move a sibling to a new state. As I got older, I started to get more of a travel bug, to explore new places outside of my comfort zone.

This “travel bug” is something I definitely get from my dad who did some traveling when he was growing up. My dad continues to have this same travel bug to explore different places in the world and I hope this is something we can accomplish together. However, on the flip side, I do have some of my mom in me where I like to stay in my comfort zone (as mentioned above). My mom likes to call herself a hermit because she finds a lot of happiness staying at home reading a good book with her cats! Anyways, I did have some anxiety about broadening my travel experience, especially international travel, mostly because I hadn’t done it before. But I wasn’t going to let this interfere with my “travel bug.”

I have been very lucky to have gotten the chance to do a considerable amount of traveling and exploring in the past 3 years. As I said earlier, I feel that I have a lot of catch up to do when it comes to going to different places in the world. It is my hope that I can share my experiences with you as I am able to complete them in my busy yet fulfilling life. Enjoy!

Grant Tetons